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Social Marketing Strategies For Modern Soulpreneurs

Is Social Media Giving You FoMo?

Are your struggling to connect with your audience because the digital interference is hindering who you are? I understand the struggle with not being able to connect online due to the lack of face to face energy. If your social media has you drained, and is making you feel as if it’s just another chore,?there is a better way! With a little tweaking, and some serious planning, we can get your energy back to balanced bliss so you can go back to enjoying the freedom of being an entrepreneur.


Social Media Analysis

The Basics:
A strategy based analysis that will help optimize?

What’s included:

  • Social Media Profile Audits
  • Profile Recommendations & Bio Optimization?
  • Finding your brands purpose and voice
  • Creating a strategy that will help you grow your brand and build your audience

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Content Strategy & Automation

Who it’s for:
The established soulpreneur that needs an extra push or a more efficient growth strategy.

What’s included:

  • Complete social media audit with competitive data and research analysis to find your ideal audience
  • A customized hashtag list that’s effective for your market
  • A monthly social media calendar?
  • Weekly scheduled posts for Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn

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Hashtag Planning

Who it’s for:
The social soulpreneur that’s struggling to stay on top of her social media game or just needs a bit of freedom in her life.

What’s included:

  • Social media profile audits
  • A social media tracking and planning system?
  • Content subjective to discussed terms?
  • Profile optimization?

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How Does It Work?

Meet & Greets

First things first, we establish if we’ll be a good fit for each other. With a quick 15-30 minute call, we’ll chat about your needs as a business owner, how I think I can help, and what you can expect from me as your business and marketing partner.

Details & Analysis

Following our call, I’ll do an audit of your websites, social media profiles, and productivity habits; depending on which services you need this could involve one or all of these audits. I’ll provide suggestions and optimization techniques.

Strategize & Apply

Depending on the services your looking, for I’ll start working on implementations and teach you how to manage things for the future. We’ll strategize what works, optimize what doesn’t, and cut out unnecessary steps as needed.

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Frequently asked questions

What is content planning?

Content planning is a business system that gets implemented to help you know what to post and when. When you start planning out your posts, what account to post them to, and what time to post at; your social media strategy becomes much more efficient. It’s not just that though… When you start planning your content based off of your user engagements and analytics you learn when the best time to post is so that you don’t get lost in the social abyss. While all algorithms vary, the one constant remains: The more your posts are engaged with, the more they get shown to your audience.

There’s a way to automate my social media?!

Yes! There are various apps, extensions, and even built in features to your accounts that you may not be aware of or know how to use! Social media for businesses is a bit different than it is for our personal accounts because someone not seeing your post about how you didn’t eat peanut butter all day, is not as important as someone who doesn’t see your post about the new program you’re launching. Once you have a content strategy in place, it becomes much easier to schedule things ahead of time, so you can get back to posting your boss babe quotes and funny cat pictures!

*I was the person who posted about not replacing my meals with peanut butter all day*?

But doesn’t that take the personality out of my feed?

Of course not! Just because you’re scheduling posts ahead of time doesn’t mean you can’t post anything else on those days. If you’re feeling inspired and have something to share, then share! You don’t have to take the fun out social media just because it’s on your business account.

Do I have to use hashtags?

Simple answer: Yes! Hashtags are a free marketing and search tool built into the billions of posts that go on the internet.? On instagram you get thirty hashtags in one post. That’s thirty extra?opportunities to get your post seen!?

Why would I need a social media analysis?

Great question! So many of us go about our social media feeds posting without getting engagements. When you start wondering why you’re not getting likes, retweets, or new followers that’s when you need to start using your analytics to see what changed. Maybe your followers are on a different schedule than you are, or maybe you switched your content and it now needs to be tailored to a new target audience. The point is, the answer is always in your numbers, and there’s always a solution!

Is Social Media Giving You FoMo?

If your social media has gotten to the point where you feel like you’re missing out on your real life, and you’re constantly wondering what you’re missing out while you were hiding behind your four inch phone screen; there is a better way! With a little tweaking, and some serious planning, we can get you back to those IRL moments you’ve been missing.

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“I’ve always struggled with what to post, and when until The Digital Clarity Initiative helped me put together a content plan that my audience loves!”

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