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create a stable foundation through yoga, meditation, and journaling.

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I know, you’ve heard a ton of times that yoga can help but you ignore it because you’re afraid that you can’t do it or that you’ll become a tree hugging, crystal loving, essential oil obsessed hippie. Well, you definitely can do it! But I can’t guaruntee that you won’t start loving life more and start embracing you’re inner hipster.


If you’re not journaling, then you should be! There’s a reason why our English teachers always had us doing weird writing prompts every day in school. When you start figuring out how your mind works, you can learn how you handle situations and move forward accordingly. Trust me when I say that it WILL change the way you see yourself!


I know what you’re thinking… Meditation? Really? How the hell am I supposed to sit still four an hour and find inner peace when I can’t manage to go to the bathroom without the cat pawing at me? But that’s not what meditation is about. There are many forms of meditation and it’s all about being able to let go and learn to destress easily.

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Yoga videos, tips, tricks, and guides to how to make yoga for you! COMING SOON!


Check out this area for journaling promopts and workbooks to help discover the version of you that you love! COMING SOON!


Meditation takes mental strength and resilience, but it is achievable! Explore the variations of meditation (including coloring) and find out which works for you! COMING SOON!