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The Story Behind The Brand

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You have a big dream, but struggle with clarity, productivity, and taking action.

The Digital Clarity Initiative was created to inspire and encourage multi-passionate soulpreneurs everywhere. I understand the struggle of being able to take your ideas and  bring them to fruition. I developed a strategy that will encourage other soulpreneurs to take action in their business and live a more fulfilling and successful life. 

Stephanie Bettio

Founder & ceo

As an intuitive business and marketing strategist, I work with various forms of exercises that enhance my intuitive abilities and create more clarity. Using tarot, astrology, and my abilities to connect with you on a personal level; I create business and marketing strategies that help you express yourself authentically and truthfully. As an empath who is a Certified Yoga Instructor and level II Reiki Practitioner, I understand your emotions and challenges on a soul-based level. Having this gift grants me the ability to create customized strategies just for you. Combining all of these unique qualities enables me to formulate business and marketing strategies that are specific to modern soulpreneurs or entrepreneurs in the wellness and spiritual industry. 

As a business strategist I’m very detailed oriented and create custom planning systems for you and your business based on your needs. I learn about who you are, how you operate, and how to apply your strengths and weaknesses to empower you as the amazing boss babe that you are.

As a digital marketer with over ten years of experience and an SEO focus, I have the technical knowledge to formulate an effective marketing strategy and bring it to fruition. My goal is to ensure that you’re reaching the people that need you and your magick! Traditional marketing tactics like SEO, Social Media Strategizing, and Brand Identity Development provides me with the tools I need to empower you and your soulpreneur path!

Stephanie is a tarot practicing, astrology loving, coffee aficionado.

She loves photography, reading, and all things tech/creativity related.

She’s Master Certified in SEO with over ten years in the industry and excels at research/analysis, data structures, backend coding, and content writing. Her favorite part of online marketing is being able to blend the beauty of technical data with the grace of creative writing. Encouraging two, completely opposing entities to flow together in a seamless transition of temporary perfection brings happiness to her life.

As an intuitive, she connects people to their authentic truth, brings clarity to ambiguous ideas, and empathizes with the struggles of every day life as an entrepreneur and woman.

What I Believe

My soul purpose is to help female entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients while helping them get out of their own way so they can build their dream business while working boldly, passionately, and intuitively. I want to help you start taking action through intuitive exercises and data backed marketing strategies that will ensure that you’re reaching the people who need your magick the most.

Stephanie Bettio doing a handstand on a bridge

the story behind the digital clarity initiaitve brand

Stephanie Bettio

Founder & ceo

Don't shy away from you're magick! Embrace what sets you apart and channel it into your marketing to create a more soul aligned strategy. You deserve a marketing strategy that resonates with your purpose and your values!

I'm Stephanie, an Intuitive Business and Marketing Magick Maker for Modern creatives.

As an Intuitive Business and Marketing Strategist, I help female entrepreneurs in the spiritual and wellness industry connect with their ideal clients. As someone who understands the creative, spiritual, and strategic side of marketing, I believe that the marketing industry needs an overhaul in what they consider “marketing.” I believe that being an entrepreneur is a wholesome process and shouldn’t only be about your bottom-line.

That’s why I created The Digital Clarity Initiative, Inc. – Where marketing, meets magick!

A blend of intuitive and strategic practices to create a business that’s simply magickal!

My goal is to encourage you to take action with your soulpreneur gifts, assist in reaching the people who need your unique magick, and support you in bringing your business to life by designing a digital marketing strategy that expresses your gifts to your ideal audience.

Core Values


The term ‘honesty is the best policy’ goes a long way for me. I will always be 100% open minded and truthful, some people have described my as ‘brutally honest, and refreshingly truthful.’


If you’re going to do something make sure you’re being yourself and using your own ideas. Trying to build a business that doesn’t fulfill you or do anything that ultimately isn’t something you agree with will always deplete your energy and happiness.


Do things with best intentions. Take the extra steps. Avoid cutting corners in a way that makes me you feel ‘less than.’ When we create our path instead of following someone else’s, we truly grow into our best selves. 


Living creatively and with purpose is what allows us to live our best life. When we create with passion, and love, we learn how to embrace our genius zones and create thoughtfully and intentionally. 

How we can work together

Brand Development

Struggling to find your ideal client and how to reach her? We’ll help you build an ideal client portfolio and analyze your current data to find out what your people are looking for.

Social Media Strategy

Social media scheduling got you down? If you need help creating, scheduling, and coming up with a strategy or content to reach your dream clients and start building your brand.

Search Optimization

Organic search traffic a little low? Let us help you analyze what’s wrong and come up with a plan to optimize your search engine marketing game to get your business noticed.

Let's work together

Soul Aligned Marketing Strategies

Is your marketing making you uncomfortable?
There’s a better way!
Learn about a feel good marketing strategy that supports your soulpreneur path.