The Best Laid Plans & Failed Attempts

All The Best Intentions

Are you tired of fighting with the constant back and forth in your head? What about the continuous procrastination? Do you have the incessant need to write it all down with every intention of completing it all but wind up being left alone with the defeat, frustration, and unfinished task list laughing in your face??

Depression, anxiety, and general overwhelm can often prevent you from progressing; in life and in your business. Trust me, I get it. So if any of this sounds like you,?then keep reading, girl! Because boy do I have a story for you! (There’s also a printable planner for you! ;)

challenges inspire change

For as long as I can remember, journaling, planning, and any form of organization, really, was a part of my life. You see, when you have depression, anxiety, OCD and bi-polar tendencies you can feel extraordinarily out of touch with your life. Having had anything that made me feel as if I were in control of a seemingly small part of my life, is what helped me cope with my everyday challenges. Depsite the chaos that churned in my head, heart, and life on a regular basis; it was comforting knowing there was something to calm the impending storm that was brewing and ultimately, inevitable.?

So I turned to planning. I started writing everything down. I planned and planned and I spent a shit ton of time being pissed at myself for not achieving those plans. But I continued to do it on a regular basis. Not because it was helping me progress in the “normal” way, but because it gave me a contstant, controlable variable in my life. It allowed me to work with what gave me some sort of control in my life. It gave me solace knowing that while I often couldn’t control my feelings, emotions, thoughts, and sometimes even my actions; I could at least control what was written down. And I was the one who decided if I did those things or not. Also, that I was the only one to blame if they didn’t get done. Knowing that I was the one in control of the fate of the task was all I had.?

These types of struggles can be a blessing and a curse… For people like myself and many others, we struggle with having to balance feeling too much and feeling nothing at all… Simultaneously. The constant push and pull of “am I enough” or “am I too much” seems to play the lead role in, what often feels like a movie that I’m watching, rather than an actual life that I’m living; in my opinion anyway.?

The never ending struggle that plagues me, day in and day out; on why I didn’t have passions, desires, or the ability to connect with people the way most people do became the constant topic of the day. While I still don’t have it all together, and I continue to have a massive disconnect as to what are my own feelings and how to react to others’ feelings… I can honestly say that my consistent, albeit, often futile attempts at planning continues to help me grow daily. In my business and my life.?

So what can you actually do about it?


Taking Inspired Action

Well, now that I’ve gotten that ridiculously long story about planning out of the way, what do you say we get down to the good stuff!? In order to take this stuff head on and start actually seeing changes I’m going to challenge you to 31 days of planning.?

But first…?let’s check out the planner I made just for you!

What’s Included:

  • A Monthly Overview for February
  • An undated Daily Agenda Page
  • An Undated Daily Time Schedule in 30 Minute Increments


the planning Challenge

For the next 31 days (aka the month of October) I want you to take the time to write things down. To plan your top three priorities each day, schedule in appointments, time block for personal time, workout time, reading, work, and whatever else you feel you never really carve out the time to do.?

Don’t throw them out, take them put them in binder or a folder so you can review them at the end of the month and see all of the amazing things you accomplished!?

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Want More Planning?

Check out the complete Monthly Planner Pack that comes with the free planner pages plus:

  • A Monthly Goal Planner
  • A Social Media Tracker
  • A Monthly Habit Tracker
  • And so much more!








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